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Our services represent a harmonious blend of artistry and structural excellence. We believe in crafting outdoor spaces that are not only visually stunning but also functional and enduring. Focusing on innovation and eco-friendly solutions, our designs encapsulate the essence of modern aesthetics while cherishing the bond with nature.

From conceptualising a serene garden retreat to erecting a lively communal space, our seasoned team is equipped to bring your vision to life. Let us guide you through a transformative experience, morphing your ideas into architectural masterpieces.

our landscaping construction

Reliable Local Landscaping Service

We offer more than just basic landscaping; our expertise extends to intricate landscaping construction projects, including crafting elegant patios, building resilient pathways, and designing captivating water bodies. 


Our ensemble of professionals embodies a blend of design visionaries and construction maestros, ensuring every project we undertake resonates with your desires and stands the test of time. We guarantee a hassle-free experience from the first sketch to the final brick, prioritising your comfort every step of the way.

Our Work Process

Engaging deeply with our clients is fundamental to our ethos. Our landscaping design and construction process is tailored to capture the essence of your aspirations and bring them to life in the most seamless manner possible.


Project Discussion

Our collaboration commences with an in-depth chat with you. We explore your landscaping construction desires, style preferences, and practical needs during this phase. Simultaneously, we discuss budget parameters, ensuring we suggest innovative and financially viable solutions for you.


Project Planning

We devise a precise strategy that integrates your feedback, our extensive research, and the best practices in the landscaping design and construction industry. This blueprint details the design elements, resource allocation, and a clear timeline, providing a transparent roadmap for the project’s progression.


Project Execution

This final stage involves turning the meticulously crafted plan into a tangible reality. We’re dedicated to ensuring client satisfaction, strictly adhering to the outlined specifications. Our crew manages every detail, from sourcing the finest materials to overseeing construction. Continuous communication ensures you’re kept in the loop with every development.

Exceptional Landscape Services

You’ve come to the right place if you’re keen to elevate your property’s aesthetic appeal, establish a comforting ambience, or enhance its market value. Our suite of landscaping design and construction services includes:
decking and seating

Paving, Concreting, Decking, and Seating

Transform your outdoor areas into chic, multifunctional spaces ideal for unwinding or hosting events.

build retaining walls

Brickwork, Masonry to Build Retaining Walls

Our robust and visually pleasing retaining walls bring utility and sophistication to your outdoor spaces.

excavation an improving soil

Earthworks such as Excavation and Soil Enrichment

Laying the groundwork for a flourishing garden involves meticulous soil excavation and fortification, a task our Melbourne Eastern Suburbs landscaping construction team excels at.

garden lighting

Garden Lighting

Illuminate your exterior spaces with our elegant lighting solutions, striking the perfect balance between safety and atmospheric enhancement.

drainage and small water features

Efficient Water Drainage and Attractive Water Features

Ensure effective water management and introduce striking elements with our expert drainage systems and water feature designs.

plant selection

Plant Selection Tailored to Your Preferences

In collaboration with you, we choose flora that aligns with your aesthetic desires and functional requirements.

specialised vegetable beds

Specialised Vegetable Beds or Herb Gardens

Nurture your produce effortlessly with our custom-designed vegetable and herb garden layouts.

Choose Our Landscaping Service

Regarding landscaping design and construction, Lush Landscaping is the epitome of excellence. What sets us apart?


Every detail matters. Our thorough approach extends from the initial design sketches to the final construction touches.


Our team, comprising seasoned professionals in landscaping construction, ensures that your outdoor spaces are beautiful and enduring.


Your dreams guide our designs. We provide tailored solutions that capture your unique vision, creating landscapes that mirror your aspirations.

Strategic Orientation

In-depth planning combined with adept project management guarantees a seamless transformation of your outdoor spaces.

Transparent Pricing

We value honesty in our dealings. Our pricing is clear and upfront, ensuring you receive value proportionate to your investment without any surprises.


We understand the importance of time. Our dedication to punctuality ensures we meet agreed-upon timelines without compromising on quality.

Get Started on Your Dream Landscape Now

There’s no better time than the present to commence the journey towards your envisioned landscape. Our comprehensive landscaping design and construction portfolio, underlined by an unwavering dedication to excellence, brings your dream outdoors closer than ever. 


We are more than just a landscaping construction provider. We are your partners in crafting an outdoor haven with unique charm and functionality. Contact us today, and let’s embark on realising your landscaping dreams.

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