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Transform Your Outdoor Space with Lush Landscaping in Malvern

At Lush Landscaping in Malvern, we specialize in creating stunning outdoor spaces that reflect your individual style and requirements. Our team of experienced contractors can help transform your outdoor area with a carefully designed landscape, which can instantly enhance the value and appeal of your home. Our services include synthetic turf installation, stone wall construction, pergola design, pavement, and custom-built pools.


Our skilled landscape architects begin by understanding your specific requirements and then create a detailed plan that matches your vision. Once we establish your needs, our contractors will begin to deliver a beautiful landscape that reflects your style and lifestyle requirements.


Experienced Landscape Designers in Malvern - Tailored Design and Construction

At  Lush Landscaping  in Malvern, we understand the importance of careful planning and design for any landscaping project. Our team of in-house landscape architects has years of industry experience, and we utilise cutting-edge equipment to create custom projects that cater to your specific needs. From designing a lush garden to a stunning pergola as the centrepiece of your outdoor space, our team have the expertise to transform ideas to reality.    We specialise in the design and installation of eye-catching pergolas that bring structural integrity and an innovative centrepiece from which greenery can grow as it pleases. Our team uses the latest technology to ensure the final result is a perfect reflection of your initial vision. We also offer shade from the sun, shelter from the rain, and added value to your property.
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Custom Landscaping in Malvern - Invest in Your Property

We offer a wide range of custom landscaping in the Malvern area, such as  
  • Paving, concreting, decking, and seating
  • Brickwork, masonry to build retaining walls
  • Earthworks such as excavation and improving soil
  • Garden lighting
  • Incorporating better water drainage and small water features around the garden
  • Plant selection Customised to your vision
  • Specialised vegetable beds or herb gardens
Contact us  today at 0432 640 136 for a free estimate and to discuss your landscaping needs in Malvern. Our team of experienced contractors is ready to help you transform your outdoor space into a stunning landscape that you’ll love.
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