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Building a new garden or outdoor space but not sure where to start? How your property looks from the outside can make a real difference to its overall value and appearance. Think of home landscaping as a clean-up process where you introduce appealing visual features to your outdoors such as turf lawns, pergolas, retaining walls and so much more.


Enhanced curb appeal can have a positive impact on your home’s resale value. You can have an ideal gardening space and have a well-maintained landscape design for many years to come. At Lush Landscaping, we take care of all the processes involved in the designing and construction of the new garden and outdoor spaces. From helping our clients choose the right landscaping designs that complement their property to supplying high-quality landscaping supplies, we do it all.


With our new home landscaping services, you can create a highly attractive and functional outdoor space and enhance the value of your property. Whether you want new timber pergolas or want new fencing solutions, we have you covered.

How our house landscaping design services can help you?

When it comes to house landscaping, we at  Lush Landscaping follow a more tailored approach that allows us to understand our client’s landscaping needs and ensure a positive outcome. Our team takes immense pride in our ability to provide customised house landscaping design services that come with many years of experience.

We take our client’s ideas and budgets into consideration while designing a functional and stunning landscaping design for their property. By picking the right, high-quality materials, we ensure to deliver the right finishes that will add to your garden space.


Besides sprucing up your property, we also work to make the most of your outdoor space. Over the years, we’ve successfully mastered the art of delivering beautiful home landscaping solutions to create the dream garden space for our clients.


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New home landscaping services

Do you want a garden with freshly mown grass or new fencing for added protection? It is possible with our new house landscaping services. We offer value-added services so that you can create the perfect dream outdoor space and spend some quality time with your loved ones. Our landscaping elements such as garden beds, retaining walls, and exclusive water features are ideal to bring out the charm of your outdoor space. 


For Metricon landscaping, we evaluate a couple of landscape ideas and select a suitable garden design. Whether you want an outdoor area for recreation purposes or simply want to enhance the aesthetics, our team can help you with the design and construction process.


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